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If You Have Passion and Energy, We Have Our Doors Open for You

At Bakaro Express we have giant dreams and we want people on board who love chasing these dream. We want to compete with the best in the world and are building a team that shares the same energy and passion. If you have the fire in your belly to take on the market leaders in e-commerce and looking for a rewarding career you are just an interview away.

We don’t believe in the status quo as the world around us constantly changes and we want to ride this change. As a fast growing company, we are constantly exploring new territories and expanding our reach. This is creating many new opportunities for our team members and offering them the immense scope of growth.

Why Choose Bakaro Express?

With so many career options to choose from this question would surely be doing the rounds of your mind.

         # Name Matters
            We aren’t here to make a quick buck but establish a strong brand. And that idea of a brand is incomplete without an enterprising team that would power every step that we take. We all rise together. Period

        # An All Inspiring Work Environment
            Whether you are a passionate graphic designer or love to dig deep into data and create information out of it, you are welcome onboard. We have created an all inspiring work environment that is challenging at the same time satisfying.

        # Innovation Driven Culture
            Do you present job restrict you to mundane tasks every day? Join us and you are free to discuss new ideas and innovate. We don’t micromanage every job and offer you enough scope to experiment with new ideas. And ideas do fail and we have taken this into account.

        # Every Employee Matters
            At Bakaro Express we don’t believe in a pyramidal structure and believe that every employee (even those not directly part of the core business) is an important clog in the wheel that drives us forward.

Here is the list of positions that are open right now

  • Job Title : graphic designer needed Now Apply today ,by sending your resume Now.
  • Job Title : Must have experience 1 years  graphic designer 
  • Job Title : only bad time jobs 

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