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About Us

At Bakaro Express our journey has been defined by a single goal – to let customers find the right products at the right price and also connect business across different industries with their customers. As one of the fastest growing online retail platforms, we are catering to small and large brands and helping them reach out to unconquered territories. We have developed a fundamental technology that allows small and large businesses across the world find their customers and establish a long and fruitful relationship with them.

Welcoming The Next Generation of Commerce

Technology has completely changed the definition of business and online retail is guiding customers and businesses into the next generation of marketplace. Traditional barriers of time and space have been quashed and it is our aim to build the next generation of marketplace. It is here that we plan to innovate, create and deliver an unmatched experience to customers as well as businesses. As a research and innovation driven online marketplace we are driven by the desire to offer customers and businesses the next level of experience in online retail. We are operating in a crowded landscape with the market fragmented between small and large online retailers and we aim to beat the competition through the right use of technology and value-oriented service.

More Is Merrier

As an online retail platform, we are constantly trying to add to our portfolio and have been foraying into new product and service space to become the one-stop shop for global customers. Our aim has been constant to solve problems of logistics and delivery and to ensure customers can order for everything from Car Motors to Packaged Food products through our platform. Our energetic team has been constantly working to study customer aspirations and deliver it through cutting-edge technology. We aim to provide a level playing field to young entrepreneurs and start-ups in our bid to create the most vibrant platform.Status-quo isn’t something we like at Bakaro Express as every day starts with the urge to do something new and deliver on our promise of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.