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Open Your Shop

At Bakaro Express we offer you an ocean of opportunities to sell your products and make inroads into faraway markets. We are one of the fastest growing online stores attracting millions of customers from around the world. Our vendor base is wide and includes everybody from small retailers to large manufacturers. We have offered the perfect platform for thousands of sellers to be a part of our growth. Many sellers on our platform are selling more than 10000 products every month and earning huge profits.

E-commerce is an open world and you are free to get listed on our platform. If you fulfill our Vendor Code of Conduct and sell high-quality products you are welcome to sell on our store. We are constantly upgrading our technology and business process to maintain a competitive edge over other online stores and hence you would experience a value-based engagement with us. You are welcome to sell on our store if you are selling on other online platforms.

Three Steps to Success

  1. 1. List It – We allow you to list all products that are high on quality and adhere to our policies. You have the freedom to list as many products you want as we do not charge you any listing fee or maintenance fee. Our engagement model involves only standard commissions for every product that is sold on our store and standard shipping fees.
  2. 2. Describe It – Product descriptions are important in e-commerce and serve as a strong sales pitch. Write captivating descriptions for your products including all their specs and features accurately. Complement them with quality images (the more, the merrier) and you would have a winner on your hand.
  3. 3. Sell & Ship – Pricing your products competitively is important for success in the world of e-commerce. Do some quick research on the prevalent prices in the market and create your competitive advantage. Once the price is fixed and the products have been listed on the store you are ready to sell and ship them to our customers all over the world.

Information in Realtime

You would be able to track the transactions of your products in realtime and manage your inventory. We have created an easy and interactive backend tool that allows you to manage your store and list your products without any hassle. You need not have any knowledge of web designing and web management to be able to sell on our store.

Strong Seller Support Services

Our Seller Services Team would always help you with product listing, sales and other technical problems that you may encounter on the store. From helping you with creating apt description to teaching you the tricks of e-commerce photography we offer you comprehensive support whenever you need. E-commerce is a 24/7 ecosystem where your products would sell even when you are sleeping. We have incorporated this understanding into our work process and would offer you round the clock support services to aid you in your transactions and helping you attract new customers regularly.