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Seller Protection

At Bakaro Express we attribute out success to hundreds of sellers across different categories of products that have helped us become one of the most admired e-commerce platforms. As proud partners, we are committed to protecting the interest of our sellers. Whether you are a manufacturer, vendor or a supplier, simply sell your products on our platform to ride the success of e-commerce revolution. We have developed a rewarding ecosystem where we stress on protecting the interests of our sellers through data, technology, and innovation. We are constantly upgrading our platform to ensure sellers see incentives in partnering us.

All Inclusive Dashboard

Our all-inclusive dashboard is one of the USPs of the ecosystem we have created. This dashboard offers you all the information about your products including real-time inventory status for you to deliver products to the customers fast and efficiently. All transactions are updated in real-time offering you a detailed view on the performance of your products and actionable intelligence to improve upon your performance.

Fair Trade Practices

We believe in creating a level playing field for all our sellers and offer them a fair ecosystem. Irrespective of the products you are selling and the volumes you deliver every month we don’t manipulate search results and always offer customers the exact products they are looking for. However, a listing of products is done based on their performance in the store. Top sellers are listed based on the ranking and feedback we receive from the customers.

Fraud Prevention

We have adopted the most stringent fraud protection mechanism in the industry and this helps us keep malicious users of our platform and prevents them from placing fraudulent orders. Every order request generated on your dashboard is approved by our site with guaranteed transaction. This protects your financial interest while selling on our platform. You can sell products on our platform and sell as much as you want without any inhibition and fear. In the case of any discrepancy, we handle your issue as a partner and not merely as a platform for other online stores.

Buyer Reporting

We are aware of the fact that some buyers often misuse the system publishing misleading feedback to tarnish the image of the seller. Every user on our platform has to abide by the best practices in the industry and hence we have empowered our sellers with buyer reporting. Fake and misleading feedback is instantly removed upon verifying their credentials. The usage rates of such buyers are limited and in the case of repeated violations their accounts are permanently deactivated.

Our Seller Services Team is always there to assist you with all your doubts and queries. We ensure speedy resolution of all discrepancies to provide you with the most vibrant e-commerce ecosystem in the world.