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Vendor Code of Conduct

At Bakaro Express we uphold social and ethical standards very high and would only engage with vendors who share our vision of fair labor practices, adherence to law and protect the interest and dignity of their workers. By agreeing to become our vendor you agree to adhere to the laws applicable in the United States or your own country.

Compliance with Laws – As vendors you must ensure that you comply with the applicable laws in the United States or your local laws in all your business activities. You also need to be aware of the local tax laws in your country and the United States taxation laws that that govern the sale of different products.

Child Labor – We are strictly against the employment of child labor either directly or indirectly during the manufacturing or shipment of goods. You agree to conduct your business complying with the child labor laws in your own country. Furthermore, you should also abide by the applicable working hours, minimum wages, overtime and other working conditions for young workers.

Safe Work Environment – Health and safety of the employees are of paramount importance and you must ensure them of a safe and healthy work environment. They should have access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation, first aid and other basic requirements.

Involuntary Labor - All forms of forced and involuntary labor should be strictly prohibited and this includes compulsory overtime. All your labors should be able to voluntarily end their employment without any restrictions that weren't communicated to them during their employment period.

Discriminatory Practices - There should be no discrimination in the workplace based on gender,ethnicity, religion, age, disability, marital status, nationality, political views and sexual orientation.

Amendments to Law – Any amendments to compliance laws in the United States and in your respective country would immediately apply to our business agreement. You are immediately required to accept the amendments and refusal to do so would lead to cancellation of the business agreement.

Right To Inspect - We reserve the right to inspect your production facility and interact with your employees to ensure that you comply with all the above-mentioned laws. Such inspections are conducted without intimating you in advance.

Violation of the Code - In case we come across any potential or actual violation of the code of conduct we reserve the right to discontinue the business relationship without issuing any notice.We shall immediately delist you from our store and cancel all transactions immediately.Furthermore, we also reserve the right to initiate legal actions wherever it is deemed necessary.